2020-10-01 | QBN Meeting on Quantum Sensing @ Fraunhofer IAF in Freiburg, Germany

Date: 1. Oct 2020, all day
Host: Fraunhofer IAF
Venue: Fraunhofer IAF, Kommunikationsgebäude,
Tullastraße 72, 79108 Freiburg, Germany

Revolutionizing today’s Sensing, Metrology and Imaging Technology using Quantum Theory will help to solve social challenges in our global and digital age as well as in our everyday life. Quantum effects like entanglement and squeezing enable the development of systems that go beyond the limits of classical metrology and sensing or achieve unique imaging performance.

Quantum Sensors based on Qubits in Diamond are able to measure smallest magnetic fields with highest spatial resolution and highest sensitivity at room temperature. Optimizing complex electronic circuits, visualizing individual bits in electronic storage media as well as improving magnetic resonance imaging of cancer and most precise brain imaging for medical diagnostics are just some application examples to show their high industrial potential.


Quantum Sensing

Exploration tour from state-of-art research to industrial applications

Focus session: Diamond

High precision sensing at room temperature

Lab visit & Networking

Valueable insights and cooperation opportunities

The |QBN〉 meetings are a key instrument to support collaborative innovation as well as technology and knowledge transfer. The regular meetings provide experts from industry and academia a trustful environment for professional exchange and personal networking. The Objectives of the QBN meetings are the identification and discussion of relevant challenges and early-stage trends in R&D and business and the implementation of collaboration projects and joint projects.

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