BSI publishes guidelines on the current status of quantum secure cryptography

Quantum computers, quantum cryptography and quantum technologies – developments in this area seem increasingly confusing. The new guidelines of the Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) “Designing quantum-secure cryptography – basics, developments, recommendations” summarizes the current state of research. The guideline provides a comprehensive overview of the fundamentals, illuminates the interrelationships of the latest developments, discusses current measures and names open research questions. It also describes the opportunities and risks of Quantum Key Distribution (QKD), which as a solution for quantum-secure cryptography still leaves some questions unanswered, but is met with great interest and is strongly promoted.

With the guidelines, the BSI creates a basis for discussions with the IT-security community on quantum-secure cryptography. In this way, further research is driven forward, developments are observed, open questions are addressed and the findings are brought together under one roof.

See the guidelines Making cryptography quantum-secure in German.

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