QBN Meetings on Quantum Sensing

Revolutionizing today’s Sensing, Metrology and Imaging Technology using Quantum Theory will help to solve social challenges in our global and digital age as well as in our everyday life. Quantum effects like entanglement and squeezing enable the development of systems that go beyond the limits of classical metrology and sensing or achieve unique imaging performance. As Sensors are the interface between the real and the digital world, this will unlock incremental and disruptive innovations from autonomous transport, navigation and brain imaging to Internet of Things.

|QBN〉Meetings on Quantum Sensing

The |QBN〉meetings on Quantum Sensing deal with short-, mid- and long-term Quantum Sensors as well as Quantum Imaging and Quantum Metrology for niche and larger volume applications.

Sensors for

▪ Time
▪ Gravity
▪ Rotation
▪ Temperature
▪ Electro-magnetic Radiation
▪ Gas concentration
▪ Quantum Light
▪ Imaging

Application Industries

▪ Medical and Healthcare
▪ Automotive and Aerospace
▪ Manufacturing and Construction
▪ Data Storage and Communication
▪ Smart Networks and Energy
▪ Defence and Security
▪ Consumer Applications
▪ Oil and Gas

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Upcoming QBN Meetings on Quantum Sensing

Past QBN Meetings on Quantum Sensing

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