Online Workshop on Quantum Technologies

Online Workshop on Quantum Technologies

9:00 - 14:00 CET


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The second quantum revolution is ongoing and will result in novel applications based on the use of quantum phenomena. In order to keep pace with this development, an active response from German industry is vital. In addition to learning the scientific basics, companies recognize the potential of quantum technologies for their own products and markets and derive company-specific strategies. Key scientific players in quantum photonics in Germany and industrial companies are cooperating in with the aim of creating the personnel requirements for the implementation of photonic quantum technologies in the German photonics industry.

  • Free staff training to educate personnel in quantum technologies
  • No prior knowledge about quantum mechanics required
  • Soft introduction to the world of quantum physics
  • Applications of optical quantum systems

Acess via Zoom link:

For agenda and more information please see the event flyer or visit the project homepage.


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