QBN Meeting on Quantum Sensing

QBN Meeting on Quantum Sensing

9:30 - 17:00

Fraunhofer IAF
Freiburg, Germany

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Sensors are the interface between the real and the digital world and quantum effects enable the development of systems that go beyond the limits of classical metrology and achieve unique imaging performance. Join this working group meeting as we will discuss industry applications based on diamond quantum sensors and related trends and challenges in R&D and business with experts and pioneers from the whole supply chain, from suppliers to intergators to end-users. Gain deep market and company insights and benefit from valuable networking and business opportunities in a trust-based environment.

  • Key notes & technical talks
  • Industry & startup pitches
  • Networking & lab visits
  • Dinner

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Peter Knittel
Head of Group Quantum Electronics
Fraunhofer IAF

Matthew Markham
Principal Research Scientist
Element Six

Tadashi Sakai
Specially Appointed Professor
Tokio Institute of Technology

Xavier Vidal
Research Scientist
Fraunhofer IAF

Gabriele Bulgarini
Chair of CEN-Program Manager Quantum Technology

Johannes Lang
Co-Founder & Managing Director

Robin D. Allert
Quantum Diamonds

Florian Otto
Head of Business Sector Cryogenic Instruments
attocube systems

Ilai Schwarz

Gabriel Puebla Hellmann

Simon Philipp
Post-Doc in group Meso- und Mikromechanik
Fraunhofer IWM

Anatoly Konukhov
Director of Business Development



Welcoming words
Johannes Verst, QBN
Fraunhofer IAF overview
Peter Knittel, Fraunhofer IAF
Quantumania – New sensing approaches based on quantum effects
Peter Knittel, Fraunhofer IAF
Diamond Materials for Quantum Sensing
Matthew Markham, Element Six
Diamond NV Quantum Sensor Research in MEXT Q-LEAP
Tadashi Sakai, Tokio Institute of Technology
Magnetic imaging by widefield microscopy
Xavier Vidal, Fraunhofer IAF
Lab visit & networking
Quantum sensing with diamond : National testbed and European testbed network Qu-Test
Gabriele Bulgarini, TNO
NMR on the nanoscale – Tailored NV diamond for quantum sensing
Johannes Lang, Diatope
Near-surface NV centers in diamond for quantum applications
Robin D. Allert, Quantum Diamonds
Industry & Start-up pitches
Enabling technology for quantum sensing at cryogenic temperatures
Florian Otto, attocube systems
Visualizing metabolism at the microscale using NV centers and quantum metabolic probes
Ilai Schwarz, NVision
Making scanning NV magnetometry as easy as AFM
Gabriel Puebla Hellmann, QZabre
Materials Characterization using Optically Pumped Magnetometers
Simon Philipp, Fraunhofer IWM
Using quantum sensing for ultrasensitive biomarker detection. Overview and Updates.
Anatoly Konukhov, QDTI

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