Member: ParityQC

ParityQC (short for Parity Quantum Computing) was founded in January 2020 in Innsbruck, Austria and is a spin-off from the University of Innsbruck. ParityQC is a quantum architecture company which develops blueprints for quantum computers to solve optimization problems. The architecture delivers the instruction set and layout for quantum chips, be it digital or analog. ParityQC additionally provides the software suite called ParityOS which optimizes the quantum algorithms as well as the hardware parameters. The belief is that the co-development of hardware design and quantum algorithms facilitates the advantage of a perfectly aligned quantum computer for optimization problems. The architecture is based on the LHZ architecture and is compatible with all current hardware platforms including both gate-based and annealing methods. This allows to provide a fully programmable, parallelizable (no SWAP gates), and scalable architecture which can be built with a greatly reduced complexity and a quantum optimization architecture which is independent from the problem.


The ParityQC Architektur enables hardware developers to build a:

  • fully programmable
  • parallelizable (no SWAP gates)
  • with greatly reduced complexity and therefore scalable

quantum chip for quantum optimization with problem independent interactions.


  • SaaS Operating System for quantum computers

Areas of Application

  • Noisy Intermediate-Scale Quantum (NISQ) Computer
  • Optimization problems (finance, logistics, drug development, chip design, energy, …)

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