New QBN member: Element Six

We warmly welcome our new member, Element Six, to QBN!

As a pioneer in the development and production of single crystal diamond, Element Six (E6) focuses on engineering the defects and properties of this material to unlock innovative applications and improved performance in ultra-precision machining, drilling, thermal management, optics, wastewater management and quantum-enabled sensing.

Decades of E6’s CVD diamond expertise have led to numerous breakthroughs in quantum research and today, for the first time, enable controllable and reproducible nitrogen doping of diamond, with uniform and repeatable NV spin centre concentration and spin lifetimes of a microsecond.

Diamond NV centres offer a unique solid-state platform with spin qubits that can be initialised and read out at room temperature, accelerating key research in areas such as quantum information processing and nanomagnetic field sensing.

Read more about the expertise of E6 and impressive applications of synthetic diamond in quantum technologies in Element Six’s member profile.

We look forward to working together and shaping the future of quantum technologies.

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