Bitkom’s Quantum Summit 2021

Bitkom’s Quantum Summit 2021

26.05.2021 - 27.05.2021
9:00 - 17:00 Uhr


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Rarely have experts agreed so unanimously on something: Quantum technologies will become a real game changer. Their disruptive potential has an enormous impact on science, industry and society. Bitkom’s Quantum Summit 2021 is your possibility to learn how quantum technologies are shaping and disrupting today’s technology landscape. On 26 and 27 May, you get the chance to experience the latest quantum developments and connect with decision-makers and innovators from the industry, as well as politics, academia, startups, and public administration. For two days, you will explore the first applications of quantum technologies and reflect on both political and technical challenges, as well as interdisciplinary cooperation. The attendees of #quantumsummit21 can look forward to a broad and carefully curated program that combines best-practice presentations, inspiring panels and interactive workshops by leading specialists. 


Quantum Computing and Quantum Simulation 

While classical computers can only perform one calculation at a time, quantum systems enable the processing of multiple parallel operations which allows them to solve different tasks in extremely short times. Get an overview of complex quantum systems and learn how the limitless opportunities of the expected computing power raises hopes for massive breakthroughs in a variety of areas. 

Quantum Communication und Quantum Cryptography 

Secure communication infrastructures are the key to our digital society. Quantum computers will be able to break many current encryption methods and will have a significant impact on the security of our communications. Take a look at quantum communication and (post-) quantum cryptography, whose encryption even a quantum computer cannot break. 

Quantum Metrology, Sensing and Other Technologies 

Utilizing quantum effects will help us go beyond the limits of our current technologies, with new sensing, metrology and imaging technologies enabling disruptive innovations. Understand how quantum effects improve the accuracy of measurements and produce better images than even the most advanced microscopes. 

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