HQS Webinar November 22: Unique software for NISQ computers

HQS Webinar November 22: Unique software for NISQ computers

15:00 - 19:30


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Since its inception HQS has worked on an alternative approach to using NISQ computers for quantum simulation.

Current dominant approaches like variational algorithms have proven to be quite challenging for NISQ devices.

At the same time HQS has made create progress with its alternative. The algorithms and methods developed by HQS are not only resistant to noise

but in fact integrate noise as part of the application.

The HQS Software Framework has now been deployed at a high-performance computing center as part of the Q-Exa project funded by the BMBF. The same software framework will soon be available through the HQS cloud.

On November 22nd, HQS will hold a webinar where an overview over the developments will be given. The Webinar will contain a highly technical part, which will help the viewer understand how it is possible to include the noise in NISQ device into an application. Parallel sessions which will give a more high level overview are also planned.

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