QBN Meeting on Quantum Computing – Accelerators for HPC centers

QBN Meeting on Quantum Computing - Accelerators for HPC centers

9:30 - 17:00

Espoo, Finnland

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The meeting focuses on bringing together two of the most powerful computing technologies available today – HPC and quantum computing. While quantum computing is a promising, but still developing field, maximal benefit and most useful applications can be achieved by integrating it in capable HPC centers as a support machinery. Quantum experts from academia and industry will delve into questions:

  • What are the current state and challenges of HPC integration?
  • What are the technology requirements and compatibility?
  • How to collaborate and accelerate the integration?

Together we will explore techniques of implementing Quantum Computers in HPC centers, visit IQM’s lab and connect with collaboration and business partners. For attending the lab visit signing a visitor NDA is required. Also check out the QBN Meeting on Looking Beyond User Access and Simulators the next day in Espoo, Finland. Join the informal evening dinner on 24 November. Dinner is on us sponsored by IQM. Stay tuned for the speaker announcements.

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Kuan Yen Tan
CTO & Co-founder

Oscar Diez
Head of Sector Quantum Computing
European Commission

Laura Schulz
(Acting) Department Head, Quantum Computing and Technologies / Head of Strategic Development and Partnerships

Peter Eder
Head of Partnerships

Niels Bultink
CEO and Co-Founder

Kelvin Loh
Software Development Lead
Orange Quantum Systems

Robert Stockill

Jean Senellart
Chief of Product

Carsten Blank
Managing Director
data cybernetics ssc

David Rivas
SVP Quantum Cloud Services



Welcoming words
Johannes Verst, QBN
IQM overview
Kuan Yen Tan, IQM
EC Quantum Computing Initiatives
Oscar Diez, European Commission
Quantum: Preparing for the next wave of supercomputing
Laura Schulz, LRZ
Bringing quantum acceleration to HPC Centers
Peter Eder, IQM
Lab visit & networking
Bridging the gap between high-performance classical and quantum computing
Niels Bultink, Qblox
Quantum Chip Diagnostics within HPC environments
Kelvin Loh, Orange Quantum Systems
QphoX: Optical Interfaces for Scalable Quantum Computing
Robert Stockill, QphoX
Quandela takes on Computing with Photons and HPC
Jean Senellart, Quandela
The Challenge at Rymax-One: Connecting HPCs to Quantum Computers
Carsten Blank, data cybernetics ssc
David Rivas, Rigetti


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