Member: Rahko

Rahko is unlocking discovery with quantum machine learning for chemical simulation. Rahko is one of the world’s most advanced teams in quantum machine learning. With the Rahko quantum machine learning platform and a team comprising experts in quantum machine learning, quantum software and quantum hardware engineering, and quantum chemistry, Rahko is constantly breaking ground in quantum machine learning for quantum chemistry. Rahko has a strong focus on solving real-world, commercially valuable problems, in partnership with several of the world’s largest quantum hardware manufacturers and with some of the world’s largest companies whose future capacity to compete depends on their capabilities in chemical simulation.


Rahko’s classical simulation framework offers:

  • Extremely fast quantum simulations with machine learning, up to 3000 times faster compared to traditional approaches such as DFT, enabling huge savings in terms of computational costs
  • Fast high precision simulation, e.g., based on machine learning based functionals

Rahko’s quantum simulation platform Hyrax offers:

  • State-of-the-art quantum machine learning (QML) methods to enable near term quantum simulations
  • Quantum chemistry simulations on quantum devices, based on Rahko’s bleeding-edge QML methods

Areas of Application

Quantum chemistry, i.e., quantum simulations, in particularly:

  • Improved accuracy for strongly correlated systems,
  • Improved measurement accuracy, or resolution for data (images, spectroscopy),
  • Fast quantum simulations for chemistry

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