Mitglied: Akhetonics

Akhetonics is developing the first all-optical RISC processor. They are a start-up based and founded in Germany in 2021 with members from all over the EU. With their in-house developed photonic design automation tools and all-optical logic gates Akhetonics is in a unique position to develop the first all-optical digital computation devices. One of the goals is to provide the next generation of extremely parallelizable digital hardware on the same platforms as photon-based quantum devices, to enable high-interoperability, digital control and classical post-processing.

Akhetonics is creating extremely parallelizable and low-power all-optical digital processing hardware based on their general-purpose RISC or custom ASIC designs.

Application domains:
Akhetonics’ processors aim
to solve digital processing and digital control in the optical domain, enabling classical pre- or post-processing for:

  • Optical QKD
  • Quantum-Classical Hybrid Machine Learning
  • Photonic Quantum Computing

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