Delft Circuits

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Delft Circuits is a hardware company from the Netherlands. We are focused on manufacturing of the cryogenic microwave cables for various applications including quantum computation, astrophysics, and general cryogenic applications. With the Cri/oFlex® product line, we introduce an ultra-low thermal conductance and scalable cryogenic i/o solution, using conducting circuits on flexible substrates. Designed specifically for cryogenic setups, it provides excellent microwave performance, low thermal load, flexibility, ease of installation and reliability.


Cri/oFlex® is ideal for all the cryogenic i/o challenges.

  • Compact and scalable form factor
  • Low thermal conductivity
  • Ease of installation
  • Integrated signal attenuation and filtering
  • Superconducting flex

Application domains:

  • Cryogenic hardware for superconducting qubits
  • Cryogenic wiring for detectors read-out

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