Qilimanjaro Quantum Tech

Member: Qilimanjaro Quantum Tech

Qilimanjaro Quantum Tech (www.qilimanjaro.tech) is a deep-tech startup that addresses real-life quantum-ready problems. Qilimanjaro’s integrated hardware & software team co-designs high quality superconducting qubit-based app-specific quantum computers. It has already commissioned its first client gate-based system. In parallel, it is targeting next-generation analog quantum computers with easy-to-use cloud access to effectively address complex optimisation and ML problems. It also provides services for businesses to become quantum-ready, particularly on quantum algorithms, quantum simulation and classical/quantum computer approaches. It has closed significant customer contracts since its first year of operation, and one of its co-founders leads the European Commission’s AVaQus H2020 project on coherent quantum annealing. Qilimanjaro is a spin-off from the Barcelona Supercomputer Center (BSC https://www.bsc.es), the University of Barcelona (UB- www.ub.edu) and the Institute of High-Energy Physics (IFAE www.ifae.es).


  • App-specific superconducting qubit quantum computers co-design
  • Open source access and control of quantum computers and simulator HPC backends
  • Quantum algorithm design for optimization, ML and chemistry
  • Lab setup services for superconducting qubit quantum computers

Application domains:

  • HPC centres
  • Research institutions
  • Corporations mostly in the logistics, finance and chemistry sectors

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