New QBN member: Pixel Photonics

We warmly welcome our new member Pixel Photonics to QBN!

Pixel Photonics, based in Münster, Germany, has developed a unique approach for integrating superconducting nanowire single photon detectors (SNSPDs) on a chip waveguide. They are combining the superior features of SNSPDs with the versatility of an integrated photonic platform to deliver highly parallelized, efficient and ultra-fast single-photon detection. While SNSPDs are inherently threshold detectors and insensitive to the number of photons in a detection event, waveguide integration and parallelization enable the use of SNSPDs for photon counting, thus paving the way for high-performance and scalable photonic quantum computing.

We are looking forward to the collaboration and building a strong Quantum Industry together!

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